Each member of our team comes with their own unique set of skills, expertise and experiences.
Our core team and collaborators have in common, a passion for the environment, a sense of curiosity and an enthusiasm to share knowledge creatively.


Umeed would trade anything for a set of gills…

Initially having explored the world of academics through Marine Biology, Umeed realised that his heart and mind were happier while submerged. He has spent the last 20 years scuba diving, teaching and furthering the spirit or biophilia through his area of expertise.

Professionally teaching as a PADI staff instructor, Umeed now conducts specialised underwater photography courses designed to address both ecology and photography.

His imagery ranges from fine art to scientific documentation – his practice draws one’s eye to aquatic systems and the detail within. Umeed has applied this combination of skills and interests across fields – with numerous popular publications, book contributions, exhibitions, educational material and in the setting up of a marine research dive facility on the Andaman Islands.


Tasneem will do anything to avoid wearing shoes…

She has spent the last decade facilitating interdisciplinary initiatives in the fields of ecology, conservation, education and science communication. Her formal training in marine zoology and practice in the development of experiential learning pedagogies was translated into active programs during the eight years spent as director of the Andaman and Nicobar islands Environmental Team. Tasneem’s photography and writing are visible across scientific and popular publications, book contributions and development of learning materials.

Beyond the scope of research and field based education, she believes that learning and working across subject boundaries is fundamental. Her participation in public speaking and leadership programs is an effort to explore these pathways.


Savita can be lured into anything if one uses a good book as bait …

A recent graduate of the University of Cambridge, Savita has been working as a political ecologist in coastal and marine environments of India across governance scales and actors. She holds a MPhil in Conservation Leadership and considers herself a fringe practitioner as her work combines multiple disciplines such as law, media, political science, sociology, and ecology. She has also worked in the fields of education, sustainability, and multi-stakeholder policy dialogue.


Pooja can be identified across islands by her distinct and resonating laughter…

Her core practice lies in filmmaking, however, has the ability to translate any thought, concept or story into visuals. She uses the language of video, illustration, graphics, animation and everything in between – making her work talk to the viewer.

Pooja has channeled this combination of interests and expertise in the field of science communication, working extensively with field biologists, social scientists, educators, conservation organisations and film makers across India.

As an artist, her work is not restricted to art production, she uses her creative approach and strength in design thinking in project development, education design, and user-specific communication.