Practice of perspective ‘-‘ Mobile Residencies

We facilitate residencies that use field sites as dynamic studios

An exercise to aggregate diverse ways of viewing a space. In facilitating the collision of perspectives, one enhances the techniques of art production and academic enquiry in the natural environment. The ‘Practice of Perspective’ is pivoted on the relationship between the viewer and the subject – where the appearance of viewed subjects depends on the relative position and distance from the viewer. Here ‘position’ refers to a point of view, and ‘distance’ refers to one’s reason for viewing. The residencies we curate adopt this approach, providing artists and scientists a variety of locations, interactions and views, based on their area of study.

  • Neil Island

    Latitude: 11.832919.

    Longitude: 93.052612.

    Ecosystem Tags: intertidal, rainforest, coral reef, mangroves, endemism, island.

  • Coorg

    Latitude: 12.477096.

    Longitude: 75.709404.

    Ecosystem Tags: rainforest, coffee plantation, rivers, monsoon.

  • Pondicherry

    Latitude: 11.91386.

    Longitude: 79.814472.

    Ecosystem Tags: coastal, wetlands, freshwater, reefs, mangroves.

  • Hosur

    Latitude: 12.740913.

    Longitude: 77.825292.

    Ecosystem Tags: boulders, scrub forest, indoor, confined water studio.

  • Gnesta, Sweden

    Latitude: 59°01’39.6” N.

    Longitude: 17°17’59.8”E.

    Ecosystem tags: marsh, temperate forest, lakes, seasona.

  • Ingela Ihrman (2016)

    Location - Neil Island, India

  • Zeenat Nagree (2016)

    Location - Gnesta, Sweden.

  • Jennifer Rainsford

    Location - Pondicherry, India.

  • Gustaf Londré

    Location - Coorg, India

  • Lisa Gideonsson

    Location - Coorg, India.

  • Rajasee Ray

    Location - Gnesta, Sweden.

Field Sites - Neil Island
Field Sites - Pondicherry
Field Sites - Coorg
Practice of Perspective
Practice of Perspective
Field Sites - Hosur
Field Sites - Gnesta