2016 – 2017 | Affiliates : Asian Geographic Junior

Look again is a series of interactive activities for urban youth.
Using magazines as the medium of interaction, we are encouraging responses – to trigger heightened observation, an eye for detail, spirit of inquiry, an appreciation for art in nature, and an openness to the abstract.
We intend to document the range of responses from varied geographical regions.

There is great value in observation and critical inquiry in a world that is flooded by information. Imagine if every individual could hone their capacity to view the world around them, through multiple perspectives. Where creativity, information, questioning and understanding comes together to affect the manner in which we see things and consequently the way in which we craft our opinions and solutions.
How often have we looked at the life around us in it’s minutest of details. Similarly, how often have we zoomed out of a moment being captured by our eyes – to understand the larger complexities? Everything is not just as we see it; it is in fact, a complex network at every scale. From design and function at a cellular level to an inexplicable degree of influence at a universal scale.

‘Look Again’ is a series of seemingly abstract images of natural forms, from the world around us. It is intended to implore the viewer to examine the image closely. To look again. To make emotional, visual; and cognitive connections. To be inspired by it’s form.

This is a activity based spread that appears in different publications around the world. Readers send in responses to each column, based on the specified challenges presented in each issue. Their submissions are a combination of photographs, illustrations, imagination and science.

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Look Again


Look Again