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A citizen science project that engages with recreational divers across sites in the Indian Ocean, to collect data on biological indicators that reflect the health of coral reefs.
Monitoring coral reefs is a method by which we measure changes over time. Biological indicators are species whose presence or absence informs us of the health of an ecosystem. Regular observations of such indicator species can provide critical insights into the status of coral reefs, thereby helping protect them effectively. This understanding and effort need not be limited to the spheres of science and conservation. The diving community across the globe is growing and has the access and power to really make a difference.

‘The Indian Ocean Naturalist’ proposes a collective effort where every diver is engaged with the process of furthering this understanding in order to effect change.

We enable participating dive operators the opportunity to offer enriching travel & dive experiences by dovetailing scuba diving with baseline research and conservation efforts.

This program and certification involves;
A series of 4 presentations, each followed by a data collection dive.

  • Learning about the inextricably linked ecosystems and their inhabitants makes the experience much more than a recreational dive.
  • Engaging with long-term monitoring and ecological surveys facilitates a deeper understanding of your surroundings.
  • Assisting in research, by documenting your observations and experiences helps build a critical data set of the status and changes of ocean systems.

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Indian Ocean Naturalist


Indian Ocean Naturalist