2016 to long term

Breathing Pixels is an archive of moving imagery that brings to the forefront details and connections of the dense landscapes that surround us.
In the form of short bytes composed of film, photographs, animation, information and graphics – these are intended to provide visual educational snippets of life forms and their detail.
The project aims to highlight the nuances of life in the natural world at a micro and macro scale – persuading the human eye to attend to that, which would have otherwise gone unseen.
We intend to provide the viewer with a lens to peer into the seemingly mundane. Through this exercise the camera functions as an extension to our point of view and ability to perceive processes.

It is not what we see, but how we see it.

“I want to delight in the smallest of things, a bit of 2cm moss on a little piece of rock, and I want to try here what I have been wishing for so long, namely to copy the tiniest bits of nothing as accurately as possible just to realize how great they are … how terribly complicated and shapeless that beauty really is.” – MC Escher, spring 1923

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Breathing Pixels


Breathing Pixels