Infectious Knowledge ‘-‘ creative science communication

We make complex information beautiful and captivating for any audience

A strategic approach and a combination of formats and engagement can be used for effective science communication. It enables wider access to information, by taking ‘science’ beyond academics and media. We document and translate information using a variety of creative methods that  are tuned to the range of interest groups in society.
We view ‘Information and Knowledge’, this generation’s most powerful assets, differently. No longer will the custodians of this asset be the most powerful, but it is those who have the ability to creatively and effectively share, collaborate and utilize this information and knowledge.


Infectious knowledge is viewed as a practice of logical thinking and can be illustrated as using a ‘Tangram.’ This dissection puzzle is described as the seven boards of skill, made of flat shapes that can be arranged in various combinations to fit an intended outline.
The distance between having a concept and getting an idea and realising or putting it down is much more than using the hand to write down the thought. And this process will help us realise or bridge that distance. We view this as a non-linear participatory process. To effectively and creatively produce varying results in multiple forms by either improving an existing thing or by invention to carry out a task using the selective and generative nature of logical thinking.

  • Infographics

    Pictorial depictions & visual information summaries.

  • Data Visualization

    Bringing visual clarity to large datasets.

  • Print Design

    Posters, brochures and banners.

  • Concept Art

    Clear visual depictions of processes for a non-professional audience.

  • Storyboarding

    Breakdown your story into shots for screen, books or graphics.

  • Sequential Art

    Explaining complicated processes through graphic a novel format.

  • Video Production

    From script to edit

  • Live Action

    Visualising filming for screen.

  • Mixed-Media

    Integrating digital and traditional art.

  • Animation

    Short animations for presentations and films in 2d format.

  • Photography

    Enhancing your film with imagery and convert stills into moving images.

  • Digital Illustration

    Artwork created using both digital painting and vector styles

  • Scientific Illustration

    Creating scientifically accurate visuals while maintaining aesthetic styles.

  • Storytelling

    Conceptualizing visuals and rendering them to the narrative.

  • Line art

    Creating simplistic illustrations using traditional methods of stippling, pencils, inks.

  • Photography

    Commissioned photo shoots & access to EARTH CoLab’s stock imagery.

  • Videography

    Commissioned documentation work in the form of video.

  • Sketch-booking

    Simple or complex sketches in journalistic style to provide project or process documentation.

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Illustration for film
Scientific Illustration - Blue Whale
Infectious Knowledge
Infectious Knowledge
Digital Art
Illustration for book pages